Schitt's Creek Releases New Teaser Announcing Hulu Arrival

Schitt's Creek is a fan-favorite sitcom that came to an end back in 2020, but fans have been able to rewatch the series again and again thanks to Netflix. Sadly, the show is leaving the streaming site on October 2nd, but it will be getting a new home. Starting October 3rd, Schitt's Creek will be streaming on Hulu. In honor of the move, Hulu released a new teaser today for the show in addition to a delightful statement from "Alexis Rose Communications." 

"Every now and again, spending like a little bit of money on something really special can definitely help make you smile. And that's why I, like, commend Hulu for seeking us out at Alexis Rose Communications, because we totally get it. Generally speaking, we at Alexis Rose Communications believe there is nothing wrong with asking for what you deserve. And after weeks and weeks of, like, heavy business negotiations with Hulu, I could absolutely not say no as a businesswoman. The world deserves the best. And I love that journey for them. And now a special announcement. Boop. Alexis Rose Communications is happy to bring you the world exclusive announcement that Hulu will be the official destination for Schitt's Creek beginning October 3rd," the statement reads. You can check it out below:

(Photo: Hulu)

You can also view the Hulu teaser for Schitt's Creek below:

These days, it's rare that sitcoms stay gone forever, so it's no surprise that Schitt's Creek creator and star Dan Levy (David Rose) is already fielding questions about a return. During a chat with PEOPLE back in June, Levy was asked about a possible movie and he teased that he's open to reuniting with his Schitt's Creek family. 

"My hope is that one day we can all get together. I see these people all the time. We're in constant contact with each other," Levy shared. "So the love is there. The desire to work together is there, and the desire to tell more stories is there."

Levy continued, "I think it just comes down to making sure that it's the right story to tell. And I think we're also proud of the work we did on Schitt's. And when you end on such a high, it really forces you to think very carefully about what the next step is. Because whatever that is, is an extension of something that most people don't have, don't get to see in their life. And I really respect the audience in that thing."

He added, "I think when you have an audience that's paid attention to you for 80 episodes of a television show, the last thing you want is to put something out that makes them think this feels like a cash grab ... And that's not what we're about. So TBD, but a TBD with an exclamation mark on the end."

Schitt's Creek is coming to Hulu on October 3rd.