Netflix Cancels Spinning Out After One Season

The most popular streaming service in the world continues to churn out content left and right, releasing original shows and movies on what seems to be a daily basis. Netflix has an original program for just about every need, which sounds like a great idea on the surface. However, the process of creating content has turned into a "throw things at the wall and see what sticks" sort of deal for the streamer, resulting in a lot of originals being cancelled before really getting a chance to thrive. Such is the case for the very first Netflix original of 2020, Spinning Out.

Starring Kaya Scodelario as Kat Baker, Spinning Out is a drama about the world of competitive figure skating, created by former competitive skater Samantha Stratton. The premise is certainly unique, as there aren't many figure skating shows out there on TV today, but the series only got one month on the service before the plug was pulled. According to a report from Deadline, Netflix has axed the series this week, following its debut on January 1st.

You may not have ever heard of Spinning Out, and that's starting to become the major problem with Netflix's original content. The streaming service gives the green light to all sorts of different shows that could potentially find an audience, but hardly any marketing resources are poured into them.

Think about the debut of The Witcher last year. Yes, that show cost Netflix a ton of money so the streamer had to make sure people knew about it, but there was still a massive marketing effort behind the arrival of the series. Then look at a show like Spinning Out. Or Soundtrack. Or Tuca & Bertie (still one of Netflix's best-ever original shows). Each of these projects was cancelled after one season and most users had no idea they even existed.

Is Spinning Out a hidden masterpiece that people just missed out on because of the poor marketing? Probably not, or there would have at least been a small corner of the Internet begging the rest of the world to watch it. Is a month enough time to make a decision on a series that would usually take two or three months to play out on a network? Maybe, maybe not.


The point is, most people won't get a chance to know if they like a show or not because Netflix moves so quickly with its decision-making, and hardly lets people know what's actually coming to the service. By the time people actually hear about show's like Spinning Out, they're already cancelled, and no one wants to watch something that they know doesn't have a future.

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