The Mandalorian Star Pedro Pascal Teases His Character Could Take His Helmet Off More in the Future

The earliest episodes of The Mandalorian depicted the main character's devotion to keeping his face obscured with a helmet, yet star Pedro Pascal recently teased that Din Djarin's outlook could evolve in the future and how it could result in the character's ideals changing. While Disney might have confirmed that a third season of the series was being developed, which was expected to debut before the end of this year, the events of Season Two left audiences with a number of questions about what the future could hold for the character, in addition to speculation about if the new season could jump forward in time by a substantial amount.

"As much as he says, 'This is the way,' that doesn’t mean this is the only way,” Pascal admitted to IndieWire about the mask removal. “I find it fascinating playing with that. We don’t know what he ends up being. He took his helmet off in a room full of people.”

In the first season of the series, Pascal's character details the importance in Mandalorian culture of keeping your helmet on at all times. In the Season One finale, IG-11 removes his helmet solely to treat an injury, though no other people are around at the time. In Season Two, however, Djarin removes his helmet while attempting to infiltrate an Imperial outpost, allowing a number of witnesses to see what he looked like. In this instance, Djarin was forced with the choice of removing his helmet or being apprehended by the Empire.

The Season Two finale, on the other hand, saw Djarin remove his helmet as he said goodbye to Baby Yoda, whose name was revealed to be "Grogu," as he went off to train with Luke Skywalker. This served as a major change of heart for the character, as he even allowed Baby Yoda to touch his face before saying goodbye.

“At that point, I knew what it would mean for everyone to experience that kind of threshold between the character and the child,” Pascal confessed. “We follow this story for two seasons; there’s this bond that grows between the two of them. He tries to not let himself soften, but he cannot help himself. This practical story logic brought something else about that moment, what it would mean to touch his face.”

Interestingly, Season Two also saw Djarin meeting another Mandalorian, Bo-Katan Kryze, who explained that his devotion to keeping his helmet on was merely one belief from a group of extremists in their culture.

Given that it's hard to imagine The Mandalorian without Baby Yoda, and with the spinoff Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett aiming to launch before The Mandalorian returns, we won't be surprised if Djarin undergoes some major character changes by the time we next see him or that we possibly jump forward to a point in time after Baby Yoda's training has been completed.


Stay tuned for details on The Mandalorian.

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