DC's Stargirl: The CW Releases New Shiv Villain Poster

The CW has released a new poster for DC's Stargirl, this time giving Cindy Burman (Meg DeLacy) her time to shine as the villain Shiv. This week's episode of the DC Universe/The CW series -- appropriately titled "Shiv Part One" saw Cindy not only suit up for the first time but also face off with Stargirl for the first time as well, a battle that not only saw the would-be member of the Injustice Society best Stargirl, but may have revealed the young hero's identity as Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) as well.

The new poster features Cindy as Shiv not only in costume but with her weapons of choice -- a pair of blades. Of course, Shiv doesn't necessarily need the blades that she carries on her person. She actually has blades in her wrists as well as what appear to be regenerative powers as well, something that makes her a fearsome opponent. Check it out for yourself below.

shiv poster the cw stargirl
(Photo: The CW)

In comics, Cindy Burman first appeared as Shiv in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #7, though Cindy first appeared in #1 as the head cheerleader of Blue Valley High School, a popular mean girl who had it out for Courtney from moment one. In comics, as on Stargirl, Cindy is the daughter of Dragon King and has been trained since birth -- as well as experimented on -- in order to follow in his footsteps as a villain. However, as we saw in "Shiv Part One", Cindy isn’t willing to wait for her time to shine. Despite her father telling her that she has to stay out of things and continue her role as a normal high school student, Cindy wants a seat at the Injustice Society table something that led her to suit up and take on Stargirl herself against his wishes. It's unclear exactly how Cindy's disobedience will play out, but Nelson Lee -- who plays Dragon King on the series -- teased some of the conflict between the father and daughter in a previous interview.

"I mean, any fans of Stargirl, they know, indeed, that Cindy Burman and even before, Cindy Burman is Dragon King's daughter. And that dynamic is amazing," Lee recently told ComicBook.com "It's like you said, there is, at the heart of this entire show, is family. And be it villains or the good guys, it's all comes with its own baggage. And mine has a lot of baggage when you think about you're dealing with a hundred year old father, who's spent his life experimenting on himself and others, trying to perfect himself, his daughter, to further his endeavors in the world domination."


He continued, "And that all translates so interestingly in Stargirl because Cindy's still dealing with just high school. She's dealing with boys and trying to be popular. And then she has to deal with her father who is in a lair, in this outfit, half reptile, half man, hundred-year-old man, giving her orders. It's an interesting thing. And I think that's where we get to have a lot of fun. And that's a great thing to start with. There's actually a lot of interesting humor that is woven in there by Geoff and the writers."

New episodes of DC's Stargirl debuts Mondays on DC Universe and airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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