Stranger Things: Are Two More Teasers on the Way?

At long last, Netflix has finally given Stranger Things fans a new taste of Season 4. Thanks to the pandemic, Stranger Things has been in production on Season 4 for what feels like years, and fans of the beloved series have been waiting anxiously to find out any new information about the next installment. On Thursday morning, Netflix unveiled an eerie teaser for Stranger Things 4 that took audiences back to the lab where Eleven was kept and experimented on as a child. There's not a ton to unpack, as it seems like a simply way of getting people excited for the new season, but one detail in the description of the teaser has people thinking there is more to come.

When you watch the new Stranger Things teaser on YouTube, you'll see that the official description below is pretty empty, save for a few numbers. The description simply reads "002/004." That's it.

The knee-jerk reaction from some fans was that this was teasing the release date for Stranger Things Season 4, thinking that the new episodes would arrive on February 4, 2022. However, when you examine the Stranger Things YouTube page a little bit more thoroughly, you'll notice that these numbers are actually suggesting that there are more teasers on the way.

Last February, before the pandemic hit and productions around the world were shut down, Stranger Things released its first teaser for Season 4, which showed Hopper in Russia and seemed to hint that the beloved sheriff was still alive. The description on that teaser video reads "001/004."

We've seen teasers 001 and 002, and it stands to reason that there are four of these videos in total. That means two more teasers are on the way before the arrival of Season 4.

What we don't know is how spread out these new videos will be. There was more than a year between the first two teasers, a wait we likely won't experience again. That was due to circumstances outside of anyone's control. Going forward, Stranger Things could follow any timeline for the release of the final two videos, though fans are hoping they arrive sooner rather than later.

By the time all four videos arrive, there's a solid chance we'll at least have a release date for Stranger Things 4. Then again, no one really knows a thing at this point. Secrets are well-guarded in Hawkins, Indiana.