Stranger Things Star Teases “Incredible” Season 3

Stranger Things series newcomer Cary Elwes promises Season 3 of the fan-favorite Netflix show is “incredible.”

“I went from being a fan of the show to being in it. I know that if I was still a fan, I’d be so excited to know how incredible this season is and how [creators] the Duffers manage to outdo themselves every single time,” Elwes told Variety.

“If you thought Season 1 was great, and Season 2 was powerful, you ain’t seen nothing yet. These guys, it’s bigger and more powerful than you’ve ever seen. It’s incredible.”

The Princess Bride star will play slick and sleazy Mayor Kline and joins the season alongside newcomers Maya Hawke (Little Women) as Robin, Francesca Reale (Haters Back Off) as Heather, and Jake Busey (The Predator) as Bruce.

Elwes’ new co-star, series veteran David Harbour, previously promised the summer-set third season is “sort of lighter” than past installments, telling USA Today, “It has all the dark stuff that we’re kind of known for — all the horrors and scares — but it’s also a lighter season. We allow these characters to do things that … we allow them to be sort of lighter.”

“It’s summer,” Harbour added. “It’s a summer of '85 and in that way, it’s a very summer season — like the kids are out of school, like barbecues, fireworks, pools and things like that.”

Director and executive producer Shawn Levy previously told Glamour the new season, debuting exclusively on Netflix July 4, “makes the most of that summer setting.”


“It’s also a season of change, and changing the season, changing the vibe of that town, which summer does, right? That place feels different in summer, so that was a big part of our theme, which is change has come,” Levy said.

“We have told autumnal, fall, school-based stories, but we also want to keep acknowledging that the kids are growing up, so if we picked up the action a month later, but the kids looked a year plus older, that would feel like a lie. So the Harry Potter model of letting the show age with the kids is what we’re adopting.”