'The 100': Watch Exclusive Scene From the Two-Part Season Finale

The final battle for control of Eden, the last survivable place on Earth, has arrived in the first part of The 100’s two-part season finale, “Damocles – Part One.”

Season five of The 100 is nearing the end, and an exclusive clip for part one of the fifth season finale is guaranteeing a bloody and violent close as Octavia leads Wonkru into war to obtain control of Shallow Valley – a battle that will leave the fate of some fan-favorite characters hanging in the balance.

In the exclusive clip of the episode, Echo calls Bellamy over the radio to warn him that Kane and Diyoza have betrayed Wonkru, though the warning is already too late because Bellamy is nowhere to be found and Monty and 300 others have found themselves in the midst of enemy fire.

“If you don’t figure something out fast, 300 people are going to die out here,” Monty says, a subtle comparison to the Season 1 finale when the delinquents hunkered down in the dropship and laid waste to more than 300 attacking Grounders. However, the roles have reversed this season and the delinquents are the Grounders and the Eligius crew are Skaikru.

Despite having the numbers to fight back, as Monty points out, Wonkru’s devotion to their Blodreina is still wavering, and only a handful of people are willing to run back into the heart of the battle and currently the group of survivors are being led by nobody, raising the question of where Wonkru’s Blodreina is.

It is possible that Madi’s acceptance of the Flame and the possibility of her rising from being the last true Natblida to being the true Commander, something that has been teased in promotional images for the upcoming episode, will further strain Wonkru’s loyalty to their leader and cause division within the group.

Season 5 of the sci-fi drama has largely focused on the divisions amongst the different groups following a six-year time jump and the drastic changes that many of the characters have underwent, all while they struggle to survive in a world that has been obliterated by a second apocalypse.

When fans last saw the group of survivors in “The Dark Year,” Wonkru believed that they were walking safely into an easy victory as they marched to Shallow Valley, though the element of surprise was unknowingly stripped from them when Clarke told McCreary that the eye was down, meaning that Blodreina is leading her army directly into a trap.


Meanwhile, Kane and Diyoza had taken things into their own hands as well, turning themselves in to McCreary and promising to tell him how to win the war because Kane “won't let the Devil in this garden,” the Devil being Octavia, who, as revealed in “The Dark Year” has become her own enemy.

The 100’s “Damocles – Part One” airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.