The Boys’ Laz Alonso Says Fans Will See Original Team Before They Broke Up in Season 2

As fans of Garth Ennis' comic series now, the version of The Boys that appears throughout the comic (and the Amazon TV series) isn't the first iteration of the group. Billy Butcher has been teaching supes lessons longer than Hughie knows, and that's a part of the story that will be explored in the upcoming second season. Speaking with in an exclusive interview, star Laz Alonso (who plays Mother's Milk) revealed that the original version of "The Boys" team will be shown in the new episodes while also talking about the dynamic of both versions of the team.

"I think that the family element is definitely prominent throughout the whole season to the point where you get to see flashbacks of how our family was in the first iteration of the Boys," Alonso said. "Before we disbanded and Billy put us back together, back when, you know, Frenchie and I got along, little things like that you get to see in season two. As far as their relationships, Mother's Milk is more the nurturer, whereas Billy is more the stern father figure, you know, disciplinarian, just 'Go, go, go.' It really explores loyalty within a family, acceptance within the family and you know what, we're not perfect, but we're what we've got and that's enough. So it's very much family themed when it comes to our storyline as a group."

Season two of The Boys is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on September 4th with the first three episodes of the new season arriving on that day. The remaining five episodes will premiere weekly for the five weeks following. The new season will also see Amazon debut an after-show hosted by Aisha Tyler called Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys with the first episode arriving before the premiere of Season 2.

With just over a week to go before the series returns, the first reviews for The Boys season two have started to roll out online. As of this writing the second season has a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, higher than the first season's 84%. With 23 total reviews so far for hte season, 22 of them are positive.'s Matthew Aguilar scored the series a perfect five out of five, enjoying the batch of episodes so much, he'd couldn't help but look forward to season three.


"Kripke once said that The Boys season 2 didn't want to go bigger, but deeper, and in that regard season 2 is a magnificent success," Aguilar says in his full review, which you can read here. "Sure the action and shock value is there in spades, but it's the very real people underneath that will leave you feeling every emotion under the sun, and we cannot wait to return once more to this crazy world in season 3."

The Boys Season Two is set for release on September 4th. The first can be stream now on Prime Video.