The Boys' Nathan Mitchell Reveals His Favorite Black Noir Scene in Season 2

Black Noir made an impression in The Boys season 1, but that was nothing compared to what he does in season 2. Season 2 puts the character in the spotlight several times throughout the season, whether in comedic moments or in all-out brawls with The Boys or other members of The Seven. We've definitely got our favorites, and so does Nathan Mitchell, who brings Black Noir to delightful life in the show. had the chance to speak to Mitchell all about season 2, and during our conversation, we had to ask what his favorite Black Noir moment of the season happened to be. The result may very well surprise you.

"Man, when you look at the fight between Noir and Annie, it's pretty badass, right? I love how far we went with that, but also the first fight in episode one, I think that is the most quintessential Noir scene," Mitchell said. "You have him ripping someone to shreds, multiple people, severing someone's head, not thinking twice about it, and then pausing to comfort this little kid with an elegant bunny rabbit dance. There's this ruthless, killing machine who does something like adorable, quirky, and out of place in one sequence and that's quintessential Noir to me."

Moments like that are why some have even said Noir has a lovable quality to him, which is saying something since the character doesn't have any dialogue to help convey it, relying solely on mannerisms and movement.

"Yeah, it's funny. It's amazing to see the response and to feel the love from everyone," Mitchell said. "I've always been someone who likes to express myself with my body, and when I got this role, I was excited because as long as I can move and be in the suit freely, I knew I could communicate what this character needed. It's been a lot of fun, and it's like you take thoughts that you have in your head or things that you would say, you physicalize them, and then you remove those words and you let your body speak for you."

"It's a really fun process and there's a quote that is from Sherlock BBC and it's, 'The funny thing about a mask, is no matter how hard you try, it's always a self-portrait.' So even the decision of the kind of mask you wear says something about you," Mitchell said. "Everything you do, you're revealing yourself through your actions, despite how you might try to hide, and I think that's a really interesting thing about Noir. Then you add the component that with the mask, anyone can just project what they're feeling onto him, so he becomes this kind of universal character in this way."


We can't wait to see more of Black Noir in season 3, but in the meantime, you can check him out in season 2, which is streaming on Amazon Prime Video now.

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