The Boys Season 2 First 3 Minutes Released

Finally, the new trailer for The Boys has arrived! The highly anticipated second season of the [...]

Finally, the new trailer for The Boys has arrived! The highly anticipated second season of the popular superhero series will premiere on Amazon Prime Video soon, and now fans have a good idea of what to expect after the shocking cliffhanger featuring Butcher and Homelander from Season 1. During a reunion with host Patton Oswalt, series showrunner Eric Kripke promised the first full trailer for The Boys Season 2 as well as the long-awaited reveal of the show's release date! This is your obligatory NSFW warning; as with everything with anything to do with The Boys, expect gratuitous violence and explicit language.

Check out the trailer in the video player above!

Series star Jack Quaid, who plays the lovable and naive Hughie in the series, recently opened up about the second season of The Boys during an interview with

"Oh man, no one is ready for Season 2," said Quaid. "It's just absolutely bonkers. I'll just put it this way, the scale is a lot bigger. I think we've topped season one, in terms of insane moments that make you say 'What the hell?' I've done things this season that are definite firsts for me in my career, and I probably won't do them again since. Definitely a moment... I can't give it away, but when you see it, you'll know what I'm talking about."

"And I think we've gotten way deeper with every single character on the show. It's bigger, but it's a lot deeper with everyone," Quaid continued. "And I think that that's what's important about Season 2 is not that you just go bigger and have more fights - which we totally have - but that you really delve into the characters and understand what makes them tick. And I know from Hughie's perspective, we get into a lot of that. So yeah. I'm just really excited for people to see season two. I think it's even better than season one, in my opinion."

Kripke previously opened up plans for the new episodes, hinting at a collision between allies Hughie and Butcher in the works.

"Is there a way that we can still honor the comic but then pull the rug out to say they don't have the same backstory at all, they just thought they did? And if we could throw a left hook like that, we could really shock readers of the comic but also present this notion of, though these characters have so much in common, suddenly they find themselves in two different spaces," Kripke said. "What does that do to them heading into season 2?"

The Boys Season 2 will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on September 4th.