The Boys: Jessie T. Usher Explains Why A-Train and Starlight Need Each Other in Season 2

If you've read the source material behind Amazon's The Boys, you'll know A-Train and Starlight are the closest thing to enemies the series gets, even when factoring in the ever-lasting battle between Butcher and Homelander. When it comes to the live-action show, the dynamic has changed — especially when it comes to the moments of sexual harassment and assault. After the closing events of last season, however, there still remains sense of resentment between the two.

That carries into the first few episodes of the show's second season, but will eventually change according to A-Train himself, Jessie T. Usher. Speaking with's Matt Aguilar, Usher tells us the two will rely upon each other by the time the sophomore outing comes to an end.

"You know what I think, I think honestly Starlight might learn more from A-train because this is the first time that she's got a chance to... She doesn't necessarily ask questions but she has, you know she has questions. They get answered in season two," Usher says. "So I think she learns a little bit more about who he is and why he is the way that he is based on these series of events that play out."

The actor makes sure to point out the interesting dynamic between the two, saying neither supe trusts each other, but it's something they need to get over at one point or another.

"They know that they kind of need something from one another," the actor adds. "They just don't know what it is. You know, they are constantly playing this ongoing game of chess of like who is gonna have the advantage over the other person and when are they going to need to use that advantage."

Usher concludes, "It just allows for a lot of back and forth some teeter-totter, you know, some exploitation and some, some blackmail and there are all these things. But, at the same time they kind of need each other. It's a complex situation to be in."


The first three episodes of The Boys Season Two are now streaming on Amazon. The remaining five episodes release weekly beginning Friday, September 11th.

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