The Flash Season 7 Poster Teases Iris' Escape from the Mirror Universe

We won't get to see new episodes of The Flash until (at least) early next year, as the COVID-19 pandemic brought an early end to the show's sixth season. While it will probably be a while until we get a first look at the new season, a new poster - featuring the series' leading lady - is here to tide fans over. On Thursday, The CW released a teaser image for the show's seventh season, which puts Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) in the spotlight. The promo shows Iris surrounded by various comic panels, as well as images of a mirror breaking into shards -- a representation of her current status in the Mirror Universe.

"There will be, for Iris, both physical and emotional trauma in trying to recover," The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace told earlier this year. "Then when she eventually because, let's face it, at some point she will get out of the Mirror Dimension, but there will be a cost to pay emotionally in a big way and again, no spoilers, it's not something that's resolved in an episode. It's going to haunt her quite a while."

While Iris has been a fixture on The Flash since its inception, her role on the series has grown and evolved quite a lot. Fans saw that in a significant way in the show's sixth season, when Iris began to uncover Central City's mysteries independent of Team Flash, as part of the Central City Citizen.

"Yes and yes. It was extremely important for me [to include more female-driven stories]," Wallace told "In fact, it was my highest priority, I would argue, to right the ship. The show's called The Flash, and I understand that it's Barry's story. However, we have such a rich cast of female characters - specifically Iris - who I've felt have been underserved. And it was a priority for me to bring them into the forefront."

"We all know the Bechdel Test," Wallace continued, referencing the media trope of two named female characters talking about something outside of a male character. "We sat in there in the writers' room, and we asked ourselves when we're coming up with storylines and theme work; 'Is it Bechdel approved?' It's something that I want to see, and it's what we're doing. So, not only was it getting Iris's Team Citizen up to speed as the show goes on, from this point on. And not probably just in season six, I mean season seven, and hopefully eight and beyond as we continue. It's a priority for me to have as many stories for Team Citizen as there are for Team Flash. Which means a balance between the human stories and the superhero stories, because that's going to help the female characters and characters of color who are female - and some that aren't female - blossom more."


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Season 7 of The Flash is expected to debut in early 2021 on The CW.