The OA Star Provides Update on Potential Season 3 Return

It's been almost one year since Netflix officially cancelled their ambitious sci-fi series The OA [...]

It's been almost one year since Netflix officially cancelled their ambitious sci-fi series The OA and though fans have rallied behind many other shows that have ended, those campaigns couldn't compare to the fan reaction to this cancellation. At first fans thought that the cancellation was a "ruse" by the streaming service to set up the next season, and when that wasn't true they picketed the headquarters for Netflix, planned mass cancellations of their accounts, and one fan even went on a very public hunger strike outside of Netflix. Sadly all of these things, despite the good intentions of the fandom, appear to not have made Netflix change their minds as series star Jason Isaacs confirms in a new interview.

"There was a huge fan movement for it. But it won't be coming back," Isaacs said on This Morning (H/T Digital Spy). "It won't be coming back, but you know, we made two seasons of maybe the most brilliant and original and imaginative show that I've been involved with in 32 years."

Isaacs made a plea to everyone stuck at home though, noting that everyone has a lot of free time on their hands right now and should check the series out. Plus you never know, Netflix could revive it if enough people watched it.

"If you've got Netflix I suggest you watch it, because it just reinvents narrative, it doesn't do the things you expect it to do," Isaacs added. "Brit Marling, who was lead actress and the co-writer... she's just an original voice and I was thrilled to be anywhere near it. I was crushed when it was cancelled. But now I look back and I think, 'At least there's that'. At least there's two seasons of something unlike anything you'll ever see."

Isaacs has been one of the most out-spoken of the former cast members of the series, speaking about his disappointment with its cancellation with frequency but also revealing some details about what might have been for the entire show.

"They mapped out all five seasons, when they pitched it, originally," Isaacs told Collider last year. "They wrote the whole first season on spec, and it took two years to write it. I think that's why the show had such a clearly unique voice. It was Zal [Batmanglij] and Brit [Marling], with nobody's interference. You know that old saying, 'A camel is a horse made by a committee.' It's so much their voice. It resonated so much with their humanity, their authenticity, their beauty, and their desire for human connection. That's why it's touched so many people, so profoundly."