DC Comics' Freedom Fighters: The Ray Trailer Released

The CW has released the first trailer for Freedom Fighters: The Ray, a new animated series appearing on CW Seed this fall. And while The Ray will be part of the Arrowverse, fans will be pretty surprised at how Green Arrow, the Flash, and Supergirl will appear in the upcoming series.

The trailer reveals that The Ray is set on Earth X, an alternate universe where the Nazis won World War II and now occupy the United States. While the Ray is part of a superhero team that's leading the resistance against the German occupation force, the CW's other superheroes are fighting for the other side.

In addition to evil versions of the Super Friends (or whatever we're calling it when the CW gathers all of its heroes together,) the trailer also gives us a first look at the Freedom Fighters, whose roster also includes Phantom Lady, Red Tornado, Black Condor, and an unidentified member. We even see both Red Tornado and Black Condor in action against Supergirl, the Flash, and Green Arrow.


Announced earlier this year, The Ray will be the first gay superhero member of the CW's ever growing team of superheroes. The series will debut on CW Seed as a digital first series, although there is potential for the Ray to crossover into Arrow or one of the other DCTV series. After all, Vixen also started off as an animated character and was eventually incorporated into the larger Arrowverse universe.


Reporter Raymond "Ray" Terrill is investigating a group of government scientists who are developing a weapon using light, when he is attacked with a "genetic light bomb" that ends up bestowing him with light-based super powers.