The Walking Dead: Daryl and Leah Hunt Pope's Enemies (Exclusive)

Say a prayer for Pope's enemies in this exclusive look at the next new episode of The Walking Dead. Pope (Ritchie Coster) and his masked mercenaries The Chosen Ones are hunting the marked Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) and her Meridian-bound group for sins yet confessed, including the deaths of their brothers killed in combat. In a sneak peek from Season 11 Episode 7, "Promises Broken" — streaming now on AMC+ ahead of an October 3 airing on AMC — a wrathful Pope orders Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Leah (Lynn Collins) to find his enemies hiding in plain sight with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

After burning Bossie (Michael Shenefelt) in front of his men (in "Rendition") and torturing Maggie ally Frost (Glenn Stanton) to death (in "On the Inside"), a "spiraling" Pope is "obsessed" with waging war on Maggie and her AWOL group of survivors.

"Pope is unpredictable. I don't think that anybody predicted that he was going to kill Frost anyway in the middle of that [interrogation to find Maggie], but what we're learning about Pope is that he's in a dark place. He's spiraling in his own way," showrunner Angela Kang explained on The Walking Dead: Episode Insider. "He's obsessed with the idea of Maggie being out there, and in some ways, he's messing with Daryl's head, too. He's kind of making his own moves. Him going off and talking and laughing with Carver (Alex Meraz) [in 'On the Inside'] is completely designed to create paranoia in Leah and in Daryl. It doesn't even matter what he's saying."

Kang added: "This is more about who Pope is as a person right now and the questions that's raising in Leah, and the potential openings that Daryl is starting to see in how he can work the situation."

After "Promises Broken," there's just one episode left this year when The Walking Dead Final Season Part 1 finale is out "For Blood" on October 10. Season 11 Episode 7 is now streaming on AMC+ and premieres Sunday, October 3, at 9/8c on AMC. 

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