WandaVision Showrunner Says Show Will Explore Wanda's Past With Quicksilver

As WandaVision progresses, the series has started to deconstruct the past traumas of Wanda [...]

As WandaVision progresses, the series has started to deconstruct the past traumas of Wanda Maximoff's (Elizabeth Olsen) life. With the sitcom campiness of the series, this has resulted in the traumas taking shape of period-specific MacGuffins in bizarre mid-roll advertisements. Sooner or later, one might think she'll have to come face-to-face with the death of her brother Pietro (Aaron Taylor-Johnson); WandaVision showrunner Jac Schaeffer says it's but a matter of time before the series dives into the character's past with her twin brother.

Speaking with TheWrap, Schaeffer says the entire series is an opportunity to dig into the backgrounds of Wanda and Vision (Paul Bettany) and their haphazard origins. The site says this includes Wanda's past with Quicksilver.

"The show is about Wanda and Vision and it's an opportunity to dig deeper into who they are," Schaeffer said. "And that has to do with where they come from. We're all a product of our experiences and our trauma and our relationships. And so we will be exploring all of those details of their pasts as we move forward."

In the same conversation, Schaeffer expressed excitement at being able to write for Marvel and use the years of source material its publishing arm has released.

"One of the really fun things about working at Marvel is how many comics are at our disposal. We have like binders upon binders upon binders of all of these extraordinary works of art. And, you know, we've taken inspiration from so many of them," the writer added. "I can't get specific about the ones that we have and where things are going, but I think fans can find that texture throughout the series."

As we've seen so far, the series certainly has some serious tones of Tom King and Gabriel Walta's The Vision and depending on who you ask, some think the series could be setting up a mini House of M event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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