WandaVision Transforms The Tonight Show for Elizabeth Olsen Appearance

The Tonight Show decided to get in on the WandaVision fun with Elizabeth Olsen on Wednesday evening. Jimmy Fallon got his Marvel Studios guest to riff on the wildly popular Disney+ series. The host adopted an old grain filter and a version of the old Tonight Show stage to do a fake interview with the Scarlet Witch. It’s a strange sight, but nothing as strange as the last few weeks have been on WandaVision. Things quickly move to the 1970s and beyond. Credit to the set designers who had to make the different eras pop on camera. It’s a sight to behold, and Fallon tries his best to sell the concept. Olsen is clearly having a good time dancing through the decades as well. The real highlight of the segment comes when things go back to the current day and Kathryn Hahn is revealed to be manipulating things behind the scenes. It truly isn’t a WandaVision Bit unless it’s Agatha All Along.

Recently, WandaVision cinematographer Jess Hall talked to Collider about the hit Marvel song. The Internet was quickly awash with remixes and new versions of the musical number. However, it’s important to note that the sitcoms and time periods have a lot to do with the piece.

"Because you know, she's in that period costume, there's a transition where she goes from one costume to another, which obviously was a little different, that was shot slightly out of sequence," Hall explained. "But generally, we got those shots when we were on those sets, because the sets were dressed period-specific and we didn't want to have to go back and redress a house or redress the street for that period.”

“So we'd try to shift out of our sitcom world at the end of that work, and we'd be like, okay, right now, we're going to do all our "Agatha All Along" moment. I mean, they're very specific shots, they're all single shots, so they often required a type of camera platform or type of crane or some sort of camera move that might not be used in the rest of the episode. It would require a little bit of a kind of shift and methodology for us. But yeah, we largely did them in sequence."

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