Westworld: More Secret Trailers Discovered for Season 3

This week has been packed with a lot of major reveals for HBO TV's highly anticipated third season of Westworld, which is set to premiere next month. Along with the announcement of the release date and the first full-length trailer for the new episodes, the network also launched a new ARG website for fans to dig into and decipher, figuring out just what Delos has planned for Westworld as well as what Dolores has for the real world. Fans quickly discovered a secret trailer called "Free World Isn't Free," which was packed with new footage we've yet to see.

That wasn't all that was hidden in the viral site, as fans discovered two more trailers that heavily feature Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores as well as her new human companion Caleb played by Aaron Paul. Watch the first one below:

This clip does not feature the Westworld-esque piano ballad of Bon Jovi's "Sweet Child of Mine" but is very similar in its contents; the lack of music allows more dialogue to show just where the storyline is going. This trailer also doesn't focus on Jeffrey Wright's Bernard, instead showing Dolores' manipulation of Caleb while also setting up a major confrontation with Maeve. In fact, there's one clip that makes it seem like Maeve chops off Dolores' arm using her trusty sword.

The other video is edited to look like a romantic comedy and is titled "When Caleb Meets Dolores," showing how the host manages to learn enough about the hapless human and potentially maneuver him into becoming a major ally. Based on what we can tell from the context of all of these clips, Dolores has seemingly accumulated a lot of data about potential humans she can sway to her cause.

Knowing that Caleb likely works in construction and has been manipulated into checking certain boxes necessary to maintain a functioning society, Dolores wants to break him out of that cage and sway him to her cause.


We also get quick appearances from Lena Waithe and former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, who appear to make quick alliances with Dolores and Caleb for mysterious reasons.

We're starting to get a better idea of what Westworld Season 3 will actually entail, and it seems like Dolores is hellbent on bringing the AI revolution out of the Delos parks and into the real world. We'll see how humanity responds when the series premieres on HBO on March 15th.

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