'Westworld': Alternate Season 2 Trailer Debuts Online With New Footage

There is no end to the amount of tricks up the sleeves of Westworld's creators.

In addition to the two versions of the Season 2 trailer that were released during Sunday's Super Bowl, HBO and the minds behind Westworld have hidden a third, much more violent trailer online.

When you visit DiscoverWestworld.com, one of the show's three viral websites, you can click through all kinds of different facts about the park, and discover some hidden secrets about its history. However, after the trailers were released this weekend, one corner of the website featured an added surprise in the form of this alternate trailer, which you can watch in the video above.

This version begins the very same way the extended trailer on HBO's YouTube channel does. Dolores begins talking about the beauties of Westworld, just before chaos breaks out and we see the aftermath of the Sweetwater Massacre at the end of Season 1. This is where things start to change.

One of the major additions in the alternate trailer is the debut of a Native American character played by Zahn McClamon, who is best known for his role in Fargo Season 2. This new host is seen in a couple of shots throughout the trailer, and it seems that he is on some kind of violent quest through the park, perhaps following the same maze Dolores did in Season 1.

westworld season 2 host zahn
(Photo: HBO)

The other new shot worth looking into seemingly show off the character James Delos, the founder of the entire company. A normal photo of James can be found on DelosIncorporated.com, and he's shown in one of the most violent shots of the trailer, as you can see in the still below.

westworld james delos
(Photo: HBO)

This trailer is filled with all kinds of new footage that wasn't seen in the original version, and you can watch it in full in the video above.


Westworld Season 2 is set to debut on April 22 at 9pm ET on HBO.