What is Festivus?

Perhaps you're among the younger readers at this site. Perhaps you have poor taste in television. Perhaps, for some reason, neither of those apply to you, but you still don't know and you're asking yourself an important question while feeling left out as those around you are celebrating with their pole... What if Festivus? Why don't I know what Festivus is? Is Festivus a real thing or is this all just one big inside joke that the whole world is in on and I am somehow left out? Am I allowed to celebrate Festivus? When is Festivus and how can I celebrate?

Festivus is a holiday for everyone around the world dated for December 23, annually.

The holiday was originally created by author Daniel O'Keefe but came into the pop culture spotlight when Frank on Seinfeld revealed himself as one of the many who celebrate the iconic day and he passed the tradition on to Kramer. The episode aired in 1997, written by O'Keefe's son, Dan O'Keefe. Festivus serves as a bit of a parody for other holidays which come around this time of year, mocking the encouraging of consumerism and other traditions.

The best way to celebrate Festivus is to having the annual "Airing of Grievances." At a dinner table, family and friends gather and air out all of their complaints about how each person at the table has let them down over the course of the year. It is the one time per year where people are supposed to let it all out. The Airing of Grievances is followed by "Feats of Strength," which calls for wrestling the head of household in a show of dominance on the living room floor. The holiday can only end when the head of household is pinned.

(Photo: Seinfeld / NBC)

As far a decorations go, Festivus requires no mistletoe, trees, and candles. Instead, Festivus has a celebratory pole. Any pole will do. Post that pole up in the corner or the center of the room and the house if officially Festivus festive.

Festivus, as learned by Kramer in Seinfeld's 1997 episode The Strike, is not recognized as a holiday by most employers.

Do you believe in Festivus miracles? Are you sticking to more traditional holidays? Fine, then it's Festivus for the rest of us.


Happy holidays, from the knowledgeable staff here at ComicBook.com.