Zack Snyder Gives Stephen Colbert's Late Show Its Own Snyder Cut

Zack Snyder is now infamous for his Justice League Snyder Cut - but now there are others who want [...]

Zack Snyder is now infamous for his Justice League Snyder Cut - but now there are others who want to get in on that action! The Late Show host Stephen Colbert was blessed with his own Late Show Snyder Cut edition during a recent episode where Zack Snyder was the guest. Snyder appears in a faux behind-the-scenes featurette promoting Zack Snyder's A Late Show, pontificating about how he's always looking for new filmmaking challenges - even though he apparently thought he was signing on to work on a different late show. From there, the skit goes into poking fun at both Snyder's filmmaking, as well as Colbert's hosting.

Both Zack Snyder fans and critics alike will get a kick out of seeing Snyder recreate The Late Show set as a completely CGI digital creation, with Colbert forced to host from a green screen background, desk, and chair. From there, Snyder attempts to give Colbert "notes" about how to bring gravitas to opening the show, by having him imagine that his family is trapped under a tank and about to be shred by the tank treads or eaten by zombies - while Colbert is both hungry for revenge and just plain hungry. You know, typical Zack Snyder movie motivation!

The skit goes deeper into poking fun at Snyder's filmmaking style: his ripped, hunky, leading men (which Colbert definitely is not); the lengthy slow-motion sequences and close-ups of trivial objects (like an oyster cracker filled with an M&M candy); even giving Colbert's band leader Jon Batiste a zombie makeup makeover - a performance that Batiste goes way too method with... There's even a Late Show "Knightmare" sequence, which brings a dystopian Stephen Colbert face-to-face with Jared Leto's Joker. Of course, there also has to be a joke about the length of Snyder films, as Colbert proclaims that Zack Snyder's A Late Show clocks in at a brisk "16 hours and 47 minutes." The Late Show Snyder Cut is also touted as just the beginning of an entire Late Show Snyderverse, with "spinoffs, animated specials, theme park rides," all set to follow.

The end of the skit is sure to stoke some meta-style controversy, as Colbert tells Warner Bros. to "Suck it," now that he has his own Snyderverse in the works. Zack Snyder is careful to clarify that those are Colbert's words - before he turns to the camera and echoes the sentiment: "But yeah: suck it Warner Bros."

There is often truth in jest, and we can't help but feel that we just saw it happen before our eyes.

Zack Snyder's Justice League is streaming on HBO Max.