The Internet Wants to See Kofi Kingston as WWE Champion

It only took a week, but Kofi Kingston is the hottest Superstar in WWE. And fans think he's the company's best option to beat Daniel Bryan and become WWE Champion.

While Kingston's gauntlet match performance from SmackDown sparked his momentum, his iconic effort at Elimination Chamber was the equivalent of wrestling wildfire. To the dismay of fan's Kingston's heroics come up short, but may have opened the door for a WrestleMania opportunity.

At this moment, there aren't too many rumors on where WWE will take Daniel Bryan for WrestleMania 35. However, after Elimination Chamber, Kingston looks to be the company's best option. While names like Bray Wyatt or Samoa Joe have been tossed around, Kingston is the best fit for Bryan for a litany of reasons.

Bryan has been phenomenal as a heel, and to make him even better, he needs to have a solid character foil. As fate has it. Kingston may be the best babyface in the company, and few could provide a better juxtaposition to the toxic Bryan.

We'll have to wait and see where WWE take this, but given how quickly they got behind Becky Lynch, investing in Kingston should not take much convincing. Unless they have secret plans for Bryan, there simply is not another 'Mania match fans want to see.


SmackDown should give us major clues as to WWE's direction, but we still have one more pay-per-view before WrestleMania. However, WWE still has plenty of time and resources to build Bryan vs. Kingston. As the patriarch of the New Day, WWE can use Kingston and his pals Xavier Woods and Big E to fuel a rivalry with Daniel Bryan, Eric Roawn, and potentially Luke Harper. Could we be getting a 3-on-3 for Fastlane?

Regardless, at this point, it seems like Kingston has punched his ticket for a WrestleMania opportunity against Bryan. WWE could very well make that a Fatal Four Way adding the likes of AJ Styles and Randy Orton, but for now, no one carries more promise than Kingston.