Cody and Dustin Rhodes vs Young Bucks Announced for AEW's Fight for the Fallen

The Rhodes brothers will be reuniting for one last time at Fight for the Fallen. After defeating his brother at Double or Nothing, Cody asked his brother Dustin Rhodes to team with him against the Young Bucks at AEW's next PPV. This will mark the first time that the pair will tag together since 2015, when Cody was still using the Stardust gimmick and Dustin was Goldust.


Cody and Dustin are half-brothers and the children of Dusty Rhodes, the legendary American Dream. The pair first teamed up in 2013 in a series of matches against the Shield, which culminated in the pair winning the WWE Tag Team Champions with their father Dusty at ringside. Eventually, Cody adopted his Stardust gimmick to match his brother's distinctive facepaint and gear, and Cody retained it even after he turned on his brother shortly before Wrestlemania 31.

Cody eventually left the WWE, in part because the WWE refused to let Cody move away from the Stardust gimmick. Cody went on to greatly increase his starpower on the indy circuit and eventually spearheaded AEW, the biggest competitor to the WWE in years. Dustin Rhodes requested his release earlier this year, in part to face his brother in what many presumed would be his final wrestling match. After Cody defeated his brother, Dustin proceeded to unlace his boots in the middle of the rings, but Cody stopped him before he could officially retire. It was a touching moment, and also confirms that Dustin will have a part in the AEW for at least a little while longer.