WWE Announces New Reality Show Starring Big Show

WWE announced on Tuesday that former world champion The Big Show is getting his own reality show as part of a partnership between WWE Studios and ITV America's Thinkfactory Media. The show, titled Big Show vs. The World: A Giant Abroad, sees the seven-foot giant travel to exotic locations. Show, real name Paul Wight, already has a new show on the way with the Netflix comedy The Big Show Show.

The synopsis for the show, via The Wrap, reads, "Through his extensive world travels with WWE, Big Show has collected a lifetime of unusual stories filled with unexplained natural occurrences, local enigmas and fascinating people. "Big Show vs. The World: A Giant Abroad" will follow the larger-than-life WWE Superstar as he travels back to these locations and indulges his lifelong passion for exploring the strange and unknown.

"Each self-contained episode will feature Big Show venturing to a new exotic area, where he'll team up with a local guide and dive head first into a native mystery or legend," it continues. "Navigating the difficulty of travel (at seven feet tall) and the extreme, sometimes awkward situations he encounters with his signature self-deprecating sense of humor, Big Show will do whatever it takes to unearth every quirky and shocking detail during his adventures into the bizarre."

No word yet on which network or streaming platform the show will air on.

"For more than two decades, Big Show's magnetic personality has inspired fans around the world, and in this new series, he will be able to meet the people and explore the places that have played a pivotal role in his journey as a WWE Superstar," Susan Levison, head of WWE Studios, said in a press release. "We are thrilled to be bringing this show to life with our partners at Thinkfactory who are proven winners in the unscripted television genre."


"I won't guarantee we'll solve every mystery, but we'll explore every strange detail, chase every bizarre lead, and meet the incredible characters involved in pursuit of the truth," Show added.

Show last competed on WWE television in late 2018 when he aligned himself with Cesaro and Sheamus on SmackDown. However their angle was dropped after the big man suffered a hamstring injury.