Cody Rhodes Reacts to the AEW Chants During Hell in a Cell

After seeing the Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt Hell in a Cell match end via referee stoppage on Sunday, fans inside the Golden 1 Center were sent into a fit of blind rage over the result. The crowd began a series of chants ranging from demanding refunds to restarting the match. But one chant stood out in particular — "AEW!" This was far from the first time that the young promotion was being brought up on WWE television, but it came at a particularly unfortunate time for WWE given that Dynamite had just stomped NXT in the ratings in its first week.

Cody Rhodes, one of AEW's top stars and an executive vice president for the promotion, appeared on the Joe Cronin Show this week and was asked about the company getting mentioned during Sunday night's main event.

"I wasn't watching the pay-per-view, but when those come up your phone starts blowing up and your social starts blowing up," Rhodes said. "Whenever the crowd chants something, whether it's 'boring,' whether it's a promotion, whether it's your name, it means they want to be rewarded with something. That's just kind of when you're in the ring wrestling 101 and we know that we want to reward them.

"It was flattering," he added. "I wouldn't be one to gloat about it only because I know that one of the guys in that match got concussed and this job ain't that easy, but nevertheless whenever we hear those chants, it's more validation that what we're doing and what we've been saying about this market existing, it's real."

Rhodes added that AEW was already looking at bringing Dynamite to Sacramento, the host city of Hell in a Cell, in the near future.

Dynamite kicked off its premiere with a bout between Rhodes and Sammy Guevara, in which the former WWE Superstar won to keep his spot in the upcoming AEW World Championship match against Chris Jericho at the Full Gear pay-per-view.


In an emotional post days before the premiere, Rhodes implored the fans at home to send as much feedback as possible every week.

"I would ask you this one favor as we move forward: speak to me," Rhodes wrote. "John Cena once told me that when the fans clap their hands or stomp their feet or give a visceral indicator that they want something, you need to DO something. Otherwise, they will stop making noise Please share your feedback with me I want all of it. Good, bad, ugly. What we did right, what we did wrong, and why. Let me help create and tailor a product for you."