Scary Injury Occurs During AEW Dynamite Taping, Match Reportedly Removed From Wednesday's Episode

News broke over the weekend that a scary scene broke out during the taping for this week's episode of AEW Dynamite. During a match between Tay Conti and Abadon the latter accidentally took an elbow to the throat (according to Wrestling Observer Live). She was unable to breathe after the hit, forcing the match to be stopped prematurely while she was taken to the hospital. Dave Meltzer then followed up on the situation during the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, saying that the match would not air during this week's episode.

It's unclear what will replace the match, though AEW confirmed on Monday that Eddie Kingston vs. Matt Sydal has been added to this week's lineup.

The "Living Dead Girl" immediately caught the attention of AEW fans when she debuted on AEW Dynamite by squashing Anna Jay in June. She has since gone on to win four straight matches on Dark.

Kenny Omega, who plays a large role in booking AEW's women's division, praised Abadon's work during an interview with ComicBook in July.


"I enjoy wrestling. I enjoy doing it as a living. I feel very blessed to be able to do it as a career. But what I like most about wrestling, isn't the actual wrestling. I liked the ability to tell any kind of story that you want," Omega said. "I like the fact that wrestling doesn't necessarily have to be like mixed martial arts, where it's always about just who wins. It doesn't matter how you look, how you act, just if you win. In wrestling and you can have different characters, different motivations, you don't necessarily have to fight for a title, you don't necessarily have to have the strongest win/loss record to stand out to people.

"When I see a character like Abadon, for someone again who love and talking horror movies, and I see someone who's committed themselves 100% to a character that appeals to people that are interesting, aside from wrestling. I know that that's like a real diamond in the rough and something that I want to see develop something that I want to nurture. And I think that for people out there that want to be entertained through things aside from just wrestling, Abadon checks a lot of real cool boxes and I'm super excited to see her development."