Report: The Elite's Side of What Happened in the Locker Room Brawl With CM Punk

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks were handed suspensions and stripped of the AEW World Trios Championships for being involved in the locker room brawl with CM Punk on Sunday night after the All Out pay-per-view. Punk blasted the three for allegedly spreading lies about Punk trying to get Colt Cabana fired from the promotion, which he vehemently denied. After explaining his situation with Cabana, Punk said, "There's people who call themselves EVPs that should've f—ing known better. This s— was none of their business. I understand sticking up for your f—ing friends, I f—ing get it. I stuck up for that guy more than anybody. I paid his bills until I didn't. And it was my decision not to."

Details of what happened in the fight quickly started making their way online, with the Bucks and Omega being accused of breaking down Punk's door. A new side of the story, this time from sources close to the trio, told Fightful Select a slightly different story. 

"The claim was that they opened the door — not kicking it in as claimed by the other side — and before Matt Jackson could say anything, Punk had went off and started throwing sucker punches at Matt's head. Nick went to intervene, and Ace Steel allegedly threw a chair and hit Nick in the face," Sean Ross Sapp wrote. "The Kenny Omega involvement was said to be him trying to remove Larry (CM Punk's dog) from the situation to help keep him safe because he was barking and going nuts. Their side of the story says that once he handed Larry off, he tried to get Ace Steel off Nick Jackson, and Ace Steel bit Omega and pulled his hair."

While The Elite, Brandon Cutler, Michael Nakazawa and several AEW officials were suspended for their actions, its still unclear if Punk and Steel have been suspended as well or outright fired by the company. Tony Khan opened this week's AEW Dynamite by confirming The Elite and Punk had been stripped of their respective championships. A six-man tournament began later in the night to crown a new world champion, while Death Triangle beat The Best Friends to become the Trios Champs.

h/t Fightful Select