AEW: Latest Update on CM Punk's Status, Why He Wasn't Mentioned on AEW Dynamite

Even more details from locker room brawl after Sunday's All Out pay-per-view have made their way online. At this point, we've heard the retelling of the story from CM Punk and Ace Steel's perspective and from The Elite's perspective via sources connected to both parties. The differences between the two are quite apparent, with major differences being who threw the first punch and whether or not the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega kicked in the door of Punk's locker room to confront him. 

Fightful Select's Sean Ross Sapp had another update on Thursday afternoon. The big highlights included AEW wrestlers still not knowing what Punk's status with the company is as, regardless of a suspension, he'll still be out of action for around eight months after suffering a surgery-requiring arm injury.

"So far, talent haven't been told explicitly what is to become of CM Punk, but most of them we spoke with are under the impression that it's all pending an investigation. We spoke with numerous people on the staff and roster, who said that unless Punk's suspension is unpaid or he's fired, it's superficial considering he'll be out of action well into next year. As of Wednesday, much of the heat we're hearing on Punk was just as much about his scrum rant than anything," Sapp wrote. 

Fans also noted that there was no mention of Punk or members of The Elite during last night's AEW Dynamite, including from the commentary team and even the opening signature video. This was a mandate from the company as a legal situation stemming from the fight is pending. 

It was then noted that the backstage vibe was much more positive this week. One source noted that blaming Punk for all the chaos backstage is unfair as it was at its worst while Punk was gone with his foot injury earlier this Summer. 

Tony Khan explained in a video at the start of the show that the AEW World Championship and World Trios Championships have been vacated. Death Triangle went on to win the trios titles in the first match of the night while a bracket to crown a new world champion was announced. The finals of said tournament will take place at AEW Grand Slam at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, NY on Sept. 21. 

h/t Fightful Select