Cody Rhodes Hints "Easy Heel Turn" To Reclaim AEW Championship

AEW has had a lot of news hit the headlines in the past month, with the major acquisition of Paul Wright, aka WWE's Big Show, being added to their ever-expanding roster, but recently, Cody Rhodes made waves by discussing a potential run for the World Championship belt and how easy of a "heel turn" it would be. Acting as a promoter for the competitor to World Wrestling Entertainment, as well as the Executive Vice President for the popular venture, but has yet to be the World Champion himself, though it seems like things might change.

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" target="_self">Cody Rhodes comes from quite a famous family, with his father Dusty being a legend in the history of professional wrestling and his brother Dustin most well known for his role as Gold Dust. Cody has been electric so far in his role as a major part of All Elite Wrestling, helping to bring a serious personality to the roster of the new venture, which continues to pick up steam within the world of wrestling to this day.

In a recent interview with WFAN Sports Radio, Rhodes had this to say about the potential of making a run for the Championship Belt in All Elite Wrestling, currently being held by superstar Jon Moxley:

“I’m going to stick to my word on the AEW Title, but ultimately, that decision will rest on AEW owner Tony Khan. It’s the easiest heel turn in wrestling if I was to break it. I love that we’re disciplined and conservative, and presenting wrestling backwards.”

On top of the Big Show, the AEW is also bringing in another giant superstar with Shaquille O'Neal, who will be wrestling against Cody Rhodes during the next AEW Dynamite, attempting to create a dynamic tag team match. One of the biggest strengths of All Elite Wrestling has been utilizing its current roster in unique ways, while also bringing in guests from worlds outside of wrestling and fan favorites from the world of professional wrestling's past.

Though Rhodes was initially banned from making a run at the title as a stipulation of a past match, it's clear that this is definitely something that is on the top of the superstar's mind.


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