Watch: Cody Rhodes Slams Andrade El Idolo Through a Flaming Table on AEW Dynamite

Cody Rhodes and Andrade El Idolo closed out this week's AEW Dynamite with an Atlanta Street Fight. And just like the last time Dynamite was in Rhodes' hometown, "The American Nightmare" decided to pull out a wild stunt to close out the match. This time it involved a hooded Brandi Rhodes running into the ring to douse a table in lighter fluid and set it ablaze while Rhodes battled El Idolo on the top rope. He then sent both himself and his opponent through the fiery table with a reverse superplex before scoring the pin. 

Fans were distracted for a good chunk of the match as it looked like Rhodes' back was peeling from some unknown burn. Once the flaming table spot happened, fans presumed it was wax that Rhodes had applied in order to avoid more serious burns. 

Rhodes spoke with Sports Illustrated this week, confirming that he'll be sticking with AEW going forward as both a wrestler and an executive vice president.

"As of now, my future is with AEW," Rhodes said. "AEW would be very strange without the core members of the revolution. We all still talk. We all have this admiration for each other. I can't see myself anywhere else, and I'm very optimistic about what the future holds."

He also talked about his goals within the company even though he can't hold the AEW World Championship — "I have a lot of data-based goals. I ask Chris Harrington, our SVP, a really good number for a demo average. I always say I want to make AEW destination programming, and that's numbers-based to me. And I've never shared this before, but I really thought that the PWI No. 1 spot had been mine once before, and I was shocked, genuinely, that I didn't pick it up. That may sound silly, but I care about that, and I'm willing to say I care--the people that say they don't, they typically care a lot about it, too. The AEW world championship is out of the question for me, but there are other goals that, for now, I'll keep close to the chest."