AEW's Cody Rhodes Explains Why He's Not on Being The Elite Anymore

Cody Rhodes has been connected to The Elite ever since he first joined Bullet Club back in late 2016. But as many AEW fans have noticed, Rhodes hasn't shown much of a connection to the group in quite some time. The Blood & Guts match where the group would face The Inner Circle got scrapped, he wasn't involved in the Stadium Stampede Match at AEW's Double or Nothing, none of the other members have helped him celebrate his TNT Championship defenses and he hasn't been on Being The Elite in any capacity in quite some time. In a new interview with PWInsider, Rhodes clarified the real-life situation between himself and the rest of the group.

"I think in a way and a lot of people will be like 'No way, he's lying', I think in a way it's actually made us stronger, but we don't spend near as much time as we used to together. Everyone is so busy, Kenny is working from the time he gets there, Matt, Nick are always up to something in terms of the BTE is such an important brand to them, and it's an important brand to AEW, um, and then I'm always up to something. We literally have you know, a couple of rooms in the hallway where management is all and they're basically different offices, and sometimes you think there might be a lot of goofing on in there but it's not, it's literally from 1 segment to the next, from 1 talent to the next, so I think in a way years from now we'll look at it and say it made us stronger, you know, I do miss some of the fun we had when we didn't have as many cares in the world, believe me.

"I'm never on BTE anymore, BTE has become a spotlight for younger guys and girls and I totally get that, but uh, I have nothing but respect and love for Matt, Nick and Kenny and if you ever hear about any in-fighting or any things of that nature, sure, I'm sure there's arguments and I'm sure there's differences of opinion but we have never gone into a show where we weren't all on the same page, very professional, those guys all put the professional in professional wrestler and uh, you know, we don't spend near as much time together anymore but we have this show with our faces on it and I know we want to make it the best," he added.

In recent weeks Rhodes has been subtly hinting at launching his own group, a reformed Four Horsemen.

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