Watch: Cody Rhodes Accepts Brodie Lee's Challenge for an AEW TNT Championship Dog Collar Match

Cody Rhodes appeared in the ring early during this week's AEW Dynamite to address his sudden return and the challenge Brodie Lee made last week for a Dog Collar Match. Rhodes said that he suffered both physical and mental wounds when he lost the TNT Championship to Lee in three minutes, then said the loss even haunted him while he was filming the first season of the Go-Big Show (where he'll serve as a judge). He was then asked about the match, and Rhodes initially said no and walked away.

But then he walked back into the ring, grabbed the mic and said, "No, as in no regrets! No, as in looking back. We enter much different than we leave. TNT title. Dog Collar Match. Next week. I ACCEPT!"

Lee then made his way out to the ring, resulting in The Dark Order and the AEW locker room running out to break up the ensuing brawl.


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