FTR and The Young Bucks Pay Homage To Legendary Tag Teams at AEW Full Gear

At AEW Full Gear on Saturday night, The Young Bucks and FTR did battle in a match that has been anticipated for years, going back to when FTR were part of WWE as The Revival. Finally, they did battle with the AEW Tag Team Championships on the line. With a stipulation that the Bucks had to win or never challenge for the belts again, they came through in the clutch and became the AEW Tag Team Champions in what was a spectacular encounter.

One thing that made the match so special was the nods to some of the great tag team wrestlers of the past. Obviously students of the game, both teams worked in some great finishing moves from some legends that long time fans were sure to recognize.

We had Sharpshooters from both of the Young Bucks in homage to Bret Hart. Then, in a nod to Bret's time in the Hart Foundation alongside Jim Neidhart, we had FTR using a Hart Attack. FTR also used a top rope Bulldog like the Steiner Brothers once did, the Young Bucks used the 3D via the Dudley Boyz, the Bucks also hit a Twist of Fate and Swanton in tribute to the Hardy Boyz, and FTR even hit DIY's old finish. We even saw a nod to Power and Glory.


Did you catch all of these? What did you think of the tag team championship match at AEW Full Gear? Let us know in the comments section below!