AEW and Impact Crossover Plans Reportedly Revealed

AEW shocked the world this Wednesday when it was revealed that fans would have to tune into Impact Wrestling to find out what happened next with now AEW Champion Kenny Omega, and the wrestling world has been buzzing about it ever since. While we still have to wait to see it all in action, a new report from Wrestling Inc. lays out more details about the plans moving forward for this crossover and how extensive it will be. The report says that AEW and Impact are currently not scheduled to be intertwined in a major way, so this is more the first part of a major two-part crossover before things return to normal.

The report says that in addition to Omega appearing on Impact, The Good Brothers will likely pop up on AEW and that Omega's appearance on Tuesday will set this up. While no names were mentioned as their opponents, it is thought to be likely that the Young Bucks would be a perfect fit.

As for how this all came to be, it is thought to be mostly as a favor from Omega to Callis, as they are good friends. Omega also requested that Callis commentate his win of the AEW title, and since Callis' contract is expected to end next month, there's a chance he could become a permanent fixture on AEW as Omega's manager after that time.

This actually makes a lot of sense, as it bumps up Impact with Omega's presence and then benefits AEW by finally getting The Good Brothers in there to have that match with the Young Bucks, something we thought would happen much sooner but because of contracts never materialized.


Now, if this is successful we imagine a future team-up could end up happening, but for now it's just fun to sit back and watch what happens.

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