AEW/Impact Wrestling Crossover Confirmed During AEW Dynamite

Thanks to some underhanded tactics by Don Callis, Kenny Omega was able to dethrone Jon Moxley and become the new AEW World Champion during Wednesday night's AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming special. But that wasn't the only shocker the two men had in store. Callis and Omega quickly left the arena with the world championship belt in-hand and didn't stop until they reached their car outside of Daily's Place. Alex Marvez managed to catch the two and asked what happens now. Callis responded by saying they would explain everything next Tuesday night on Impact Wrestling.

Fans were utterly shocked by the sudden announcement of a crossover between the two promotions. Callis is the executive vice president of Impact, but his appearances on AEW had always been written off due to his close friendship with Omega. Now there's the possibility of a crossover — or even a full-on invasion.

Impact Wrestling's Twitter account quickly reacted to the announcement.

Meanwhile, Callis took to Twitter to rub it in AEW's face.


Neither Tony Khan nor the other executive vice presidents have reacted to the announcement as of yet. Here's what Impact had on the docket for next week prior to the Omega news.

Impact has been holding its tapings at a closed set at the Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee since March.