AEW: A Closer Look at Jon Moxley's Incredible Transformation After Entering Rehab

Jon Moxley returned to All Elite Wrestling television on this week's AEW Dynamite for the first time since entering an Alcohol Treatment Program in early November. The former WWE and AEW World Champion looked noticeably different, having lost a noticeable amount of weight while also letting his hair grow back. Fans took to social media after the show to post before/after photos of Mox, and as you can see below the difference is staggering. 

Moxley stated in his promo that he's never felt freer and said he plans on going on a pilgrimage to challenge anyone around the world. All signs of the heel turn he had been hinting at prior to his departure seemed to be gone.

Right before entering rehab, Moxley published his autobiography Mox, in which he described his time in WWE as a "living hell."

"I had nothing even close to heat," Moxley wrote. "I was once one of the most popular performers in all of WWE, and now I was lost in the ring in front of confused or apathetic audiences. I was Fn dead in the water, irreconcilable, a dog to be taken out back and shot ... and I knew it. I was fully aware of it through every slow and excruciating second, yet my objections went ignored or refuted, like that movie where the guy is still awake but paralyzed during open-heart surgery. If you sat through any of my segments on TV during this timeframe, you know what I'm talking about ... unless you blocked it from your memory. If you thought you were confused, imagine what it was like being me? S—, at least you had a remote control. I couldn't just turn the channel on my own life. I was in a living hell. Gee, it's fun reminiscing.

"I wasn't just depressed, I was angry," he added. "It's not like I don't like money. I don't WANT things to be this way. Why do they have to make it impossible? Why does everything have to be so Fn stupid? They're really gonna make me walk away from all this money, aren't they? They can't just write one good angle, let me cut one good Fn promo? F—! I can't believe it's come to this. There was a time I thought I'd be a lifer with WWE, but this whole place has gone Fn MAD, and I feel like I'm the only one who can see it ... buncha MFers just playing violins while the ship sinks and Vince continues to lose his mind. 'F— 'em, I'm just gonna go to Japan or something,' I tell Renee, while sipping on my third stiff drink. 'I'm telling you, April thirtieth, I'm Fn done.' I had been talking about leaving for months and my mind was long made up, but when I was in a bad mood or three drinks in, I would feel the need to reaffirm it for some reason, as if I suspected she didn't believe me."