Watch: Mike Tyson Knocks Out Cash Wheeler on AEW Dynamite

Mike Tyson was officially made a member of The Inner Circle during this week's AEW Dynamite after assisting the faction during a match between Chris Jericho and Dax Harwood. Chaos erupted late in the bout as members from both groups started fighting around the ring and Cash Wheeler tried to use that opening to whack Jericho with his own baseball bat.

Tyson, the special guest enforcer for the match, scared Wheeler off the apron and knocked him out cold with a single punch.

Jericho and his faction officially challenged The Pinnacle to a Blood & Guts Match (WarGames) next month.

In an interview with Forbes that dropped on Wednesday, "Le Champion" talked about getting to be a babyface for the first time since joining AEW.

"I haven't been a full-time babyface in a really long time when you think about it. There was a very short time after the Festival of Friendship when I was a babyface for a couple months, in Japan I was a heel the whole time and from the start of AEW I was a heel as well," he said.


"The little things that Chris Jericho does as a heel that a lot of guys don't do are the same little nuances that I do as a babyface that a lot of guys don't do," Jericho added. "I'm not afraid to connect with the audience, I'm not afraid to ask people how they're doing, I'm not afraid to open up and do a little shameless pandering to the crowd."