Miro AEW Update Months After His Latest Match

Former AEW TNT Champion Miro has been off television since wrestling at the All Out pay-per-view back in September without any reason being given. He was feuding with The House of Black at the time, and while they went on hiatus shortly after the pay-per-view they've already made their return and have started attacking other groups on AEW programming. Fans have been wondering if "The Redeemer" has been held up by either injury or an outside project, but a new report from Fightful Select indicates that's not the case.

"After inquiring with All Elite Wrestling sources, it was reiterated to us that Miro is and has been completely healthy, and wanting to actively compete. However, we're told that creative simply hasn't been presented for him," Sean Ross Sapp wrote. 

"You've seen people take some sabbaticals, absences, breaks from AEW for various reasons and come back and get very involved," AEW president Tony Khan said when asked about Miro's (and Andrade El Idolo's) absence. "And I think that's still, for both of those guys, something that you could see."

Miro appeared on The Sessions back in August and admitted that he considered in-ring retirement prior to signing an extension with AEW. His current deal will keep him locked in until 2026.

"After this contract, I thought I was going to be done, but I can go more. It depends. I feel great," Miro said at the time ."I feel my body is getting better and better, it's not hurting, especially now with working and just having a match once a week. Your body can go so much longer."

"It's different, just listening to [Sheamus] and all these guys. Just knowing he's four or five days on the road, it's too much," he continued. "I don't want to do that, especially right now, knowing that, eventually, I want to do something else. I want to work towards that."

He also discussed his acting career elsewhere in the interview — "I get auditions every now and again. They liked me and they wanted to book me for this New York show for a CBS pilot. Like yeah, it was my first one. I've never done this before. I had an audition, and boom, they called me. I was really excited and it was a great experience. I got to live in Brooklyn for two weeks. I got to experience New York, which was great for me because I used to hate New York. I just had another audition this morning. It was really cool. It was for a western movie. I still do my acting school. I go there every week with Lesly Kahn. I think everybody should do that. Everybody should have a second and a third gig."