AEW's Sammy Guevara and WWE's T-BAR Get Into Twitter Fight Over Allegedly Stealing Moves

WWE's T-BAR (Dominik Dijakovic) and AEW's Sammy Guevara got into a heated Twitter beef this week, one that resulted in the Retribution member eventually taking down his tweets. The two share the same finisher, a variation of the Go To Sleep dubbed Feast Your Eyes/Eyes Wide Shut and GTH, and the former NXT star claimed Guevara stole the move after the pair worked together at an independent wrestling show years ago.

"Some little teenage virgin on AEW stole my finisher like four years ago after we did a show together," T-BAR wrote. "I'd steal something from his move set but it's all just @KingRicochet moves."

Guevara responded by saying he adopted the move from someone else, then plugged his YouTube channel.

Dijakovic responded by bringing up Guevara's scandal from last year about making a rape joke in an old interview, then deleted all tweets regarding the conversation. A few other wrestlers chimed in to point out the ridiculousness of the argument.


Regardless of who used the move first, who do you think does it better? Check out both in the videos below and let us know your pick in the comments!