Shawn Spears Returns to AEW, Helps Tully Blanchard and FTR Beat Jurassic Express

Shawn Spears made his surprise return during this week's Dynamite, assisting his manager Tully Blanchard in winning a six-man tag match against Jurassic Express. Blanchard (who hadn't wrestled a match of any kind in 14 years up until tonight) arrived with FTR and Four Horsemen manager JJ Dillon sporting his classic robe, the old NWA United States Championship and a pair of tag titles he and Arn Anderson won back in their prime.

The babyfaces seemed to have the match locked up towards the end, but a masked man posing as a member of the camera crew attacked Luchasaurus outside the ring. This gave Blanchard, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler the opening for an assisted Spike Piledriver and allowed 67-year-old Blanchard to score the win.

The attacker pulled off his mask to reveal he was Spears, now sporting a new blonde mohawk. Back in December "The Chairman" indicated he was fed up with how he was being utilized in the company and seemingly walked out. AEW went so far as to remove him from the roster page, causing fans to believe he was gone.


The five men posed together in the ring like the original Four Horsemen, prompting Arn Anderson to come out onto the entrance ramp. He seemingly gave the group his sign of approval by flashing the four fingers, reigniting the speculation that AEW might be reviving the classic stable.