Tony Khan Defends His Balance of Power Tweet About This Week's AEW Dynamite

Hours before this week's AEW Dynamite, company president Tony Khan took to Twitter promising something massive would be taking place during the show. At the time he wrote, "Tonight we have a great lineup for #AEWDynamite Live on TNT at 8pm ET/7pm CT! For the rest of 2020, #AEW will keep delivering great matches on Wednesday Nights + there are massive surprises ahead! Please join us on TNT tonight, the balance of power in wrestling will shift tonight."

However, many fans felt that claim of a shift in the "balance of power in wrestling" didn't quite live up to the hype. PAC made his long-awaited return at the end of the show to kick off a feud with Eddie Kingston and Cody Rhodes might be on the verge of feuding with Shaquille O'Neal (maybe?), but neither of those felt landscape-altering.

Khan released a statement to PWInsider following the show, defending the statement.

"There's more to come, Pac coming back is the beginning of a huge push for the rest of the year, as I said in my last tweet just now," Khan wrote. "Balance of power in storyline refers to Eddie [Kingston]'s strong power base as a character which could be threatened, but it also refers to the big push AEW is making for the rest of the year into and through December and into 2021."

There were some initial reports on social media about a potentially bigger surprise than PAC's return, but nothing could be verified.


Do you agree with Khan's statement? Or did he accidentally over-hype the episode? let us know in the comments below.

One major announcement AEW did make was booking Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega in an AEW World Championship match on the Dec. 2 of Dynamite.