AEW's Tony Khan Fires Back at Criticism Over Adam Cole's Booking

AEW president Tony Khan once again took to Twitter this week to address his critics, this time for how some perceive his booking of Adam Cole to be insufficient. Cole joined AEW back at the All Out pay-per-view and immediately reunited with The Elite as well as his former Undisputed Era tag partner Bobby Fish. He's wrestled 15 times on AEW programming and has yet to suffer a loss in singles action. Yet, for some, that isn't enough. 

Khan noticed Will Washington of the Grapsody Podcast discussing the discourse on Monday and wrote back, "It's false equivalence, Will. They try to move the line with ridiculous points aiming to dispute the credibility of something credible. Adam Cole is over af, he's pushed & has many more young fans watching him than he did on Tuesdays. Would we argue if they said water wasn't wet?"

Khan officially confirmed a couple of months ago that, since the end of 2019, he's been exclusively running AEW's creative rather than working as part of a coalition with the executive vice presidents (Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks). He explained why he made the change during a recent interview with the Pro Wrestling Torch

"Around the start of 2020, the end of 2019, I moved more towards me writing the show, and I think it helped," Khan said. "And I think the show has been better for it. Not because everybody doesn't have any good ideas, because they're still contributing their ideas, that part hasn't changed. The idea of getting everybody in a room together and trying to spitball ideas, and then three people get really into one idea and they get 10 steps down the road on it, and the other two people are like, 'What is this?' That's just an example.

"But in general, I have found it much easier and more productive if I just try to organize a show at home between shows and have a good idea arriving for TV what I want to do next week. Which is why, generally, until we get pretty close to the pay-per-view, we are always announcing matches a week ahead. Then when we get closer to the pay-per-views and we are building the pay-per-views, and I am only announcing a few things as opposed to the whole card."