AEW's Tony Khan Gets Mistaken for WWE's Nick Khan

Tony Khan is the president, chief executive, general manager and executive producer of All Elite Wrestling. Nick Khan is the Co-CEO of WWE. Despite having the same last name, the pair are not related and don't share any sort of resemblance. And yet the two wound up getting confused for one another on Twitter on Monday when Barstool Sports' Robbie Fox hyped up an upcoming interview with Tony ahead of this week's AEW Dynamite. Barstool's founder Dave Portnoy responded by writing, "When he got Barstool Van Talk cancelled why did he then invite me to sit next to him at a fight at MSG as his guest and pretend that I didn't know he was responsible? Did he think I was stupid or that I'd just forget or is he just that two faced?"

Pardon My Take's Big Cat was quick to correct his boss, writing, "*Nick got it cancelled. Not Tony." Tony then wrote a response of his own, saying the two couldn't be more different before promoting this week's Dynamite. 

Portnoy then apologized — "Quick correction. I got the wrong Khan. Tony we like. Nick is the guy who is full of s—. Carry on. Again my fault. Nick Khan is a snake."

Khan recently spoke with Busted Open Radio and talked about what he learned following the chaotic All Out weekend that resulted in The Elite and CM Punk getting suspended —  "It's really been about the fans rallying around AEW and the wrestlers and staff rallying. We've seen people do it time after time, whether it was the pandemic lockdown, some of the challenges we faced, the absolute low point of this company when Mr. Brodie Lee was sick, on the verge of passing, and when he passed, rallying around him and his family. That is the most serious example we've ever faced and really, compared to that, it's all kind of...I don't know what to compare being as serious as that. That's as big as it gets and puts in perspective everything else that we do.


"If we all came together and were a family then, we can get through just about anything. For me, I've learned a lot, but the most important thing is, whatever position you're in, if your back is against the wall, just remember that there are people there that you can turn to," he added.