The Undertaker Arrives At Elimination Chamber To Chokeslam AJ Styles

AJ Styles and Aleister Black met up for a No Disqualification Match on Sunday night at WWE's Elimination Chamber PPV event in Philadelphia. However, it was The Undertaker who stole headlines by making an unannounced appearance at the finish of the bout.

At the end of the match, Gallows and Anderson finally got involved after standing innocently at ringside for the entirety of the match. They gave Black a Magic Killer. Styles was about to go for the Flying Forearm and then The Undertaker's gong went off.

When the lights came back on, Taker was holding Gallows and Anderson by their necks. Styles jumped and Taker hit him with a Choke Slam. The lights then went off again and came back on and Taker was gone. Black then hit the Black Mass and covered for the pinfall.

The early portion of the match saw Styles slowly work over Black's leg, with the goal of taking Black's signature Black Mass kick out of commission. All the while, Styles' O.C. teammates (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) lurked at ringside.

Styles brought a Kendo Stick into the ring in the first attempt to turn the bout more violent and make use of the lack of rules. Black was able to use a kick to briefly get the Kendo Stick away from Styles, but Styles sent him to the outside soon after. He jumped to the outside with flying forearm attempt but met a knee strike from Black in mid-air.

Black brought out a table while the announcers harped on Philadelphia being the "city of Extreme" with its ECW roots. Styles used a chair to fight back on the outside before Black could make use of the table.

Back in the ring, Styles continued to work over Black's leg, using some kicks of his own. Even so, Black fought back and hit a crazy looking knee strike, while continuing to favor his left leg that Styles had been working over. Styles soon after locked in his Calf Crusher on that leg, but Black grabbed the Kendo Stick that was laying on the mat and used it to break the hold.

Black hit several shots with the Kendo Stick before Styles hit a Pele Kick to take back the advantage. He went for a powerbomb, which Black blocked, but did hit a Flying Forearm and Brainbuster for a near fall. He climbed up top, but Black countered with a running knee strike to send him back to the mat.

Black took advantage with some strikes and a moonsault off the middle rope for a near fall. He followed that up with a German Suplex and bridge for another two-count. Black started to favor his left leg and Styles was able to fight back with his Fireman's Carry into a Neckbreaker.


Styles hit a lot of offense, including at one point imitating the Undertaker's throat slashing taunt, before Black threw him into a chair in the corner and they fought to the outside where the table still was awaiting them from earlier. Styles speared Black over the top of an announce table and then cleared it off. He went to suplex black from the announce table through the table that was set up earlier, but Black kicked him to break up the attempt. He then hit a running Meteora on Styles through the table.

At this point back in the ring is when Gallows and Anderson got involved and we moved to the finish involving The Undertaker.