Aleister Black Channels Watchmen's Rorschach in New WWE Raw Promo

Ever since he's come to WWE's Monday Night Raw after taking over the NXT roster, Aleister Black has been floating around somewhere in the middle. For one reason or another, it just hasn't been his time to rise to the top of the card just yet. Unlike his former tag team partner Ricochet, Black has been held back for a time. But that's been changing over the last few months. Following a good back and forth with Murphy, Black has been able to show off more of what he can do and fans are seemingly more receptive of it.

He's been taking on a series of singles matches that have ended quite quickly as Black has been showing more of his dominant side, and the latest edition of WWE's Monday Night Raw pushed this one step further by giving him some spotlight time on the mic to talk about all of the inner struggles he's been going through.

It turns out that his inner monologue is starting to sound a lot like popular DC Comics anti-hero/busybody, Rorschach from Watchmen. Because when Aleister Black started to talk about being trapped in a metaphorical cage, anyone else he comes across would be trapped in there alongside him.


Whether or not this was intentional (as Black's version is a more roundabout version of the quote), some of the more eagle eared fans noticed how it sounded like a line that Jackie Earle Haley's Rorschach says in the Zack Snyder directed Watchmen film. In that film, there's a point where Rorschach is thrown in prison and one of his tactics is to say that he isn't trapped, but everyone in that prison is trapped with him instead.

As WWE continues on the road to Wrestlemania, perhaps there is space for some singles action from Aleister Black. If he continues to tow this line between good guy and bad guy with his look coupled with these more direct promos, there will definitely be an audience there waiting to see more of his work. But now it's a matter of finding an opponent for him that can balance out his intensity. Because while we're supposed to be rooting for Black, like Rorschach, that can easily go South pretty quickly.