Alexa Bliss Rumored to Be Raw's Next General Manager

With Baron Corbin set to put his job on the line at TLC, Raw may need a new General Manager in [...]

With Baron Corbin set to put his job on the line at TLC, Raw may need a new General Manager in less than a month. And apparently, WWE is considering Alexa Bliss for the role.

Bliss reportedly sustained a concussion sometime before the Evolution pay-per-view in October. That injury has kept her in a non-wrestling role for several weeks and WWE is in no rush to get Bliss back in the ring. With her status in limbo, Mike Johnson of PWInsider reports that she is a legitimate candidate to become a Raw's full-time GM.

"The impression that I have is that she went through some medical testing while she was in Los Angeles and that there was no clearcut indication that she was returning to the ring anytime soon. It doesn't mean that it's not going to happen. That's to the best of my knowledge it's not a Paige situation where she's been permanently sat out, but it did seem like, 'Ok in two weeks you're going to be good to go, or in three weeks you're going to be good to go.

It's still very much up in the air. They'll probably still keep testing her. There was some expectation backstage at Raw that when they come out of TLC Alexa Bliss will probably end up the General Manager of Raw which makes sense when you think about it but given how they change ideas so quickly I don't know that definitely 100% the plan," said Johnson."

This seems like the perfect fit for Bliss. As one of the best talkers in the company, Biss having a prominent role as an authority figure sounds like WWE gold. We'll hope she recovers soon, but Bliss as Raw GM could be great.

As one of Raw most morally compromised Superstars, Bliss fits WWE's ideal mold of the corrupt authority figure. Even more, her running the show will likely keep more attention to WWE's women's division, particularly Ronda Rousey. Given that Rousey is rumored to be headlining WrestleMania 35, WWE will want all of the storytelling they can fit between now and then and Bliss is a great vehicle for drama.

All of this is contingent upon Corbin losing to Braun Strowman at TLC on December 16. This seems to be the likely outcome as a win for Strowman punches his ticket for a match with Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble in January. WWE has kept Strowman in the Universal Championship discussion for quite some time, but now his pursuit of the big red belt is one of Raw's more prominent storylines. Him losing to Corbin at TLC would be a shocker, so barring something crazy, expect Corbin's job to be open as of December 17. Whether or not it's Bliss that nabs it remains to be seen.

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