Update on Charlotte Flair's Health After Hellacious TLC Cannon Ball From Becky Lynch

We're no experts, but leg drops aren't designed for one wrestler to land with their full body weight onto their target — especially if it's off a ladder onto a table.

TLC's triple threat match between Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Asuka had no shortage of brutality, but Lynch's leg drop from a ladder onto Flair was easily the bout's most gasp-worthy moment. With Flair prone on the table, Lynch overshot her landing, essentially cannon-balling on Flair's chest. The move looked bad live and even worse when WWE had to mute Flair's obscenities as she tried to get her breath back.

However as scary as the moment was, Wrestling Observer Radio reports Flair only had the wind knocked out of her and will be fine.

After taking a moment to lay around, Flair finished the match with little sign of being injured. But the time the bell rang it was clear that all three women had been pushed to, if not through, a new pain threshold. However, this type of violence is becoming a routine part of the Women's Division.

Now that WWE lets their matches look just like their male counterparts, the women's locker room has shown little hesitation in putting their bodies through hell. It's working, too. Thanks to their dedication to agony, the women of WWE are undeniable carrying this company right now. While their rise is certainly multifaceted, the use of chairs, kendo sticks, ladders, and tables is a new thing for WWE — and fans have undeniably responded.