Becky Lynch Says Dusty Rhodes Saved Her Job in WWE

Considering she's on the verge of main eventing WrestleMania 35, it's hard to imagine Becky [...]

Considering she's on the verge of main eventing WrestleMania 35, it's hard to imagine Becky Lynch's WWE roster spot was ever in jeopardy. But according to The Man, she was once on the chopping block, but it was Dusty Rhodes who got her back on track.

In an interview with ESPN, Lynch recalled her early days in WWE, where despite having plenty of in0ring experience, she struggled as a developing Superstar.

"When I first came over to WWE, so full of hopes and dreams but, also I had to build myself up again from scratch. People had known of me from before from the time I spent on the independent circuit and I didn't want to come in acting like I was full of bravado because I hadn't wrestled in seven years,"stated Lynch. "I really downplayed myself to a fault. I acted like I didn't know anything, whereas I did and then it was a complete mind game. I had messed with my own head so much that I could barely do a lockup anymore. I would just overcomplicate everything, overthink everything. And it was just me vs. me, really. I know I was on the chopping block a lot and I know if it wasn't for Dusty Rhodes really believing in me and encouraging me and my wild promos that I would do on Wednesday nights, I don't know that I'd still be here."

Before passing in 2015, Rhodes was a father figure of sorts for up-and-coming wrestlers in NXT. Lynch is one of literally dozens of current Superstars who praise his tutelage, specifically in terms of developing an in-ring character.

Since arriving on WWE's main roster, Lynch's rise has been a bit of a slow burn. Her peers, Charlotte Flair, Bayley, and Sasha Banks all were fed a steady diet of opportunities upon arrival to the main roster. While Lynch did nab a turn as SmackDown Women's champion in 2016 but enter a steady tumble down WWE's card soon after. However, 2018 was Lynch's renaissance as she's coupled real-life frustration with an intoxicating in-ring persona, not unlike Stone Cold Steve Austin.

While Lynch has been at the top of WWE for about six months, WrestleMania could see her be rightfully crowned the company's queen. Ronda Rousey will enter WM35 as Raw Women's Champion, but expectations have her losing that title. However, even though Lynch sees to be the popular pick to become new champ, Charlotte Flair could just as easily leave Ne York as WWE's top woman.