Becky Lynch Talks 'Billions' Role, Getting Advice From John Cena and Dwayne Johnson

Becky Lynch appears to be up next in a list of WWE stars who have gone on to star in Hollywood. Earlier this week, a report surfaced that there has been interest in the Raw Women's Champion in the movie industry, and Lynch herself spoke about getting into the field in a brief interview captured by TMZ. Lynch has a guest appearance on Showtime's Billions coming up, and she told TMZ that she's getting some help on the acting front from both John Cena and Dwayne Johnson. Not too shabby as far as mentors go.

Lynch's upcoming appearance on the season premiere of Billions came about because the show's creator, Brian Koppelman, is a big fan of hers. He had been seen wearing one of Lynch's shirts at a media event and noted that he'd offer her a spot on the show if she wanted it.

Koppelman made good on that promise, as Lynch told TMZ.