Vince McMahon Addresses Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Asuka on SmackDown Live

Becky Lynch made her first WWE television appearance since dropping the SmackDown Women's [...]

Becky Lynch made her first WWE television appearance since dropping the SmackDown Women's Championship on Tuesday night during SmackDown Live.

The former champion, who lost the title to Asuka during a triple threat match that also involved Charlotte Flair at TLC, came out demanding that "The Man" is in charge despite what's going on in the back (the show opened with Shane McMahon addressing the roster backstage).

Lynch said that the only thing she wants from the McMahon family is for them to demand the RAW Women's Champion, Ronda Rousey, to her. She went through her history with "Ronnie," including her attacks on Rousey on RAW in the past during the build to Survivor Series.

Lynch spoke about how Rousey didn't have the guts to actually fight her, she just pushed over the ladder at TLC and walked away. Lynch said she has worked too hard for a "Roddy Piper cosplayer" to take her belt from her. At that point, Lynch was interrupted by Charlotte.

Flair said that she also wants a shot at Rousey since she also cost her the title. Lynch said she is done looking up to Charlotte and said "speaking of cosplayers," alluding to Charlotte imitating her father. Flair talked about how the days of Lynch looking up to her will always be "then, now, and forever." She recounted the multiple times she has been women's champion in WWE.

New SmackDown Women's Champion Asuka came out to the ring as Becky and Charlotte glared. Asuka told them to forget Ronda and celebrated that she's the champion. Flair said she never beat her and Lynch called her a paper champion, demanding she "prove" she's the champion.

The three, surprisingly, were interrupted by Vince McMahon. Vince congratulated Asuka and said that Becky and Charlotte were acting "unbecoming" and making excuses. He recounted that anyone can be involved in a TLC match since they are no DQ. He told them to get over it and take charge, saying if they have a problem they should take it out on Ronda Rousey (wasn't that what they were just saying?).

Vince then asked Asuka if she'd like to defend her title later in the show. Vince then called out Naomi to be the challenger to face Asuka as all three women looked on in disbelief.

Naomi said Charlotte has had her opportunities and Becky "was the man" but doesn't have the title anymore. Vince announced the match and Naomi walked to the ring to take on Asuka for the title.